Unrelated to the blog.

I am SO bored right now.

I Should Really Make a Habit of Doing These

Hey everybody! I’m just updating, for once in a long time, I have got to make a habit of these, maybe every Monday night? Except it’s technically Tuesday morning right now… Never mind. I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THE 1.8 UPDATE! It’s gonna be awesome, NPC towns, outside dungeons, Experiance points. Gonna be cool guys. I have been doing some pixel art on my single player world. It’s awesome, I’ll upload later. (irrelevant but true) I just stubbed my toe on my dest with about the same mighty force as Zeus himself and nearly broke it, instead i just removed some skin and nearly bled to death. A BIG WARM WELCOME to my first subscriber, who also happens to be my first like and first favorite, so thanks FaTcH4Ir, you must be the only person watching my videos, and if you check this out too, you are awesome. My old computer is far from fixed, power source blew something inside too, basically it killed itself and killed something else too, that something else is still a mystery to me but, I suppose its the graphics card as when I started up the computer after replacing the power source the screen almost gave me a seizure and my eyes bled a little. So instead of fixing my old computer, I’mma buy a £338 gaming computer that my friend found all the parts for (thanks PJ!) and hopefully then I’ll be able to do things like let’s plays and live streams n’ stuff, iunno maybe I’ll get popular and get a Youtube partnership thing (like thats gonna happen) Oh, and my cat has recently had kittens, 5 of em’, they are really cute. And that’s about it. Sooooo Byeeeeeeeeeeee

A song that I wrote like 10 mins before, my bird kinda joins in at the end. It’s okay I guess.

My first video on my Youtube page, mainly to make my page look less boring but also to give some information on what is to come, so yeah.

My First Blog Post

Hey everyone! If ANYONE is reading.

I’m new to this blog posting system, I’m pretty much just setting up for the start of my Youtube channel, This will be my blog site to go alongside it.

I will be doing Lets Play videos on my Youtube channel here:

The Let’s Play videos will be done soon when I get my computer back up and working, as of now I cannot download the software as I am on an old laptop.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy my videos and blog posts when I do some more. :)